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47 opiniónes sobre Uniiti


Virginie P. Ha evaluado 4/5

Il y a 1 mois


Thierry C. Ha evaluado 3/5

Il y a 4 mois


Martin E. Ha evaluado 2/5
Am french, my sister advised me to try that restaurant to show some foreign friends around. The inside is a bit of a cliche. I didn’t find the food special at all though it wasn’t bad, it was average, the staff was pretty friendly and the bill seemed quite high for what it was but I guess this is normal in that area. I won’t listen to my sister again.
Il y a 4 mois


Dino L. Ha evaluado 5/5
Déjà un habitué j'y ai emmène deux amis brésilien qui ont pu déguster une des meilleurs cuisine française de paris je recommande
Il y a 5 mois


Vanessa G. Ha evaluado 5/5
The best place I’ve ever tried duck confit in, the escargots were great too!! Also Good service! 5/5
Il y a 6 mois


Jean-Marc T. Ha evaluado 5/5

Il y a 7 mois


Luca V. Ha evaluado 5/5

Il y a 10 mois


Alain R. Ha evaluado 2/5

Il y a Longtemps


Katharina W. Ha evaluado 5/5

Il y a Longtemps


thierry h. Ha evaluado 5/5

Il y a Longtemps

Au Doux Raisin

29 Rue Descartes, 75005 Paris, France